Suspicious things about Boy Meets World


Boy meets world was one of my favorite TV shows if the 90s.  I skip the middle school years and go straight to high school; that’s when the good sh*t happens.  Despite the awesomeness of the show there were a few things that always bothered me.. something just wasn’t right.  Here are 5 things that were weird about BMW.

1. Eric goes from cool older brother to complete moron.

Early episodes have Eric being a normal cool older brother, who gets into a bit of trouble now and then.  Sometime after college Eric Matthews completely loses it and can barely function.  I love Eric as the comic relief but I wish they would have explained his change in character.  Why is no one concerned that he is slowly losing it?  How is he even in college?

2. Feeney teaches forever.

I would be kinda weirded out if my middle school teacher/neighbor became my high school teacher… and then my college professor.  Strange enough to grow up with your teacher living next door.  Wouldn’t be able to get away with much, and your parents could always get a progress report.  It would have made more sense for Feeney to become the principle of the high school once coming back from retirement. Strange that he decided to go back to school and enroll in classes that his former students were already in.. does Pembrooke not have other class options?

3. Topanga skipped Yale to stay with Corey.

Who in their right mind passes up an Ivy League education for their fumbling high school boyfriend?  I’ve never been a Corey fan.. I watch for The Hunter Brothers, but this baffles me.  I know Topanga’s parents weren’t around at the time but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have been happy that their daughter was giving up a great education to stay in town with Corey.  He would have waited for you Topanga! The question is.. would you have wanted him?

4. Angela’s mom ran out on her… and Shawn never knew.

How do you not tell your boyfriend of 3 or so years that you have this one major thing in common.  Angela and Shawn are together through major milestones in his life and it makes no sense that she hid his from him.  Re-watching the episodes it seems as if writers just needed a reason for Shawn and Angela to stay apart so they just made something up.  If her mother running out on her family was such a big deal.. she wouldn’t have stayed with Shawn for so long in the first place.

5. Stuart the handsy teacher.

Everything about Stuart was a bit off, and I’m not even including the fact that he is played by Fred Savage, Ben Savage’s real life brother.  What college professor hangs out in the student union all the time.  Why was he wandering the halls of the dorm in the first place?  All my professors had office hours where you can come to them… I would be leery of any teacher that popped by my room to talk about a paper.  Not to mention that Stuart was the new teach on campus.  I would wager that he didn’t just start sexually harassing students and picked a girl who had a boyfriend.  I’m guessing Stuart has gotten away with a few things in the past and finally started to get what was coming to him.

That’s it!  Weird things about BMW that still haunt me. Have you noticed anything strange about BMW? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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