OMG Backstreet Boys!

Most people plan a trip to Las Vegas for the gambling, great food, or cheap drinks.  I went to Las Vegas for the Backstreet Boys.  Last year BSB announced that they would have a trial residency in Las Vegas, and I immediately jumped on board.  I’ve been a BSB fan since 1996 and I’ve seen them in concert four times (one time with New Kids on The Block).  So a Backstreet residency sounds like it would make a wonderful girls trip to reconnect with friends and let loose. Which is exactly what I planned.  However being an adult means that it’s hard to coordinate schedules with work, children, and other obligations so a girls trip wasn’t in the cards.  Instead I took my husband who was super excited to go to Vegas…but refused to go to the concert with me.  Not that he was invited to it anyway.

The concert was held in the Axis inside Planet Hollywood, which really should be called Axis inside Miracle Mile shops. I say that because there is literally a mall surrounding the venue.  Aside from being hard to navigate in a pencil skirt and heels the mall/venue are amazing.  Connected to Planet Hollywood means this mall has access to a beautiful hotel, casino, and delicious eateries.

The show began with a video montage of BSB remixed songs and music videos.  After that the Boys descended from the stage ceiling on large LED boxes.  With their faces on one side  so I could easily identify my favorite before they touched down. (Nick Carter..duh)  For costume changes BSB had dancers to entertain us while they swapped outfits to reflect the mood of the next songs.  They performed all their hits from We’ve got it Going on  (Backstreet Boys, 1996) to Undone (This is Us, 2009), and even came into the audience for a song.

I wasn’t fortunate enough to have stayed in Vegas over the weekend; their Friday/Saturday shows are followed by an after party at Chateau Nightclub.  That’s okay though because I made a trip to the newly opened Sugar Factory the next night and snagged a picture with Kevin. (One down…four to go)

So despite being alone I had an amazing time at the concert.  I sang along, danced, and screamed like I was 13 again.  Vegas is an amazing city, and as long as there’s a Backstreet residency…I’ll be coming back again.

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