My iPhone takes better photos than yours (maybe)

Last year I stumbled upon a kickstarter campaign for something called PICTAR.  Billed as “Probably the best iPhone camera grip EVER” and I kept reading.  PICTAR is an attachment for your iPhone that has some of the same functions as a DSLR camera.  Things like shutter speed, aperture, and exposure could be controlled on your phone making your pictures better for your IG feeds.  Not only that but PICTAR has an ergonomic grip making it easier to hold on to; meaning you won’t drop your phone when trying to take selfies from the perfect angle.

My husband has a DSLR camera and I thought it would be cool for him to teach me how to properly use camera settings once I had my attachment.  Then we could compare quality of photos and I won’t have to steal his when I want great pictures.

Last spring I became a backer for PICTAR and I waited for my attachment to arrive.  It was due in the fall which would have been just in time for our family vacation and a great chance to practice landscape photos.  Unfortunately production was pushed back until Christmas time and I had to settle for regular iPhone photos for the trip.  Production was pushed back a few more times which wouldn’t have bothered me usually but my husband decided against bringing his camera to Las Vegas this spring and again stuck with only iPhone photos.

My PICTAR finally today and I was beyond thrilled.  Grand Rapids weather has been beautiful lately and I have some places I’d like to photograph this weekend, but the devil is busy.

After taking my PICTAR out of the box, readying the battery (I thought it was going to have a USB charger) and downloading the app, my PICTAR did not function.  The little blue light blinks signaling that it’s on, but it cannot connect to my phone.

It’s worth mentioning that PICTAR doesn’t use Bluetooth which would drain the phone battery, its uses high frequency sounds that are received by your phone’s mic.  Your phone listens to the signals and follows the commands.  This sounds completely made up to me, but since mine doesn’t work I can’t prove that it’s real.  Although it must be because there are no plugs or cords attached from the grip to your phone.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to make it work. Closing the app, restarting my phone, even wiggling my phone around inside the grip thinking the mic wasn’t close enough to hear the signal.  I’ve sent an email to the company asking for assistance because I want to love this attachment, but after waiting so long on top of it not working it’s hard not to be disappointed.

Has anyone else bought or considered a PICTAR? How do you like it so far?


UPDATE:  Tried PICTAR on two other iPhones.  I have a defective one and they have offered to send me a new unit.

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