Mothers’ Day

Those of us fortunate enough to still have our mothers with us know how special they are.  This Mother’s Day I thought I would tell you all about my mother and first best friend, Terrace Anderson.

Everyone’s mother is special but my mom is extra special, because she’s mine.  Although I am an only child I’ve often shared her with friends and younger relatives because she is that amazing. Everyone wanted her to be their mom.  When I was a kid and it was field trip time, my group was the group to be in.  I had the cool mom.  My mom was the one who let us be kids, let us have fun, and always remembered she was our age once.

She was a single parent; like a lot single parents she had help from family; but she always made sure that she was my primary person.  She was my caregiver, my teacher, my best friend; I was (and still am) her baby.  She made sure that I grew up a happy child, full of joy and questions.

In third grade I decided what university I wanted to attend. She said “go wherever you want to go”.  I proclaimed that I was moving to New York City she said “I’ll come visit you”.  When my job offered me the chance to move to Europe she said “I need to get a passport”.  My mom has always be my champion, telling me I could do anything, be anything, and achieve whatever I put my mind to.

She taught me to work hard for what I wanted from life.  I’m driven and ambitious because of her.  I owe everything to my mother.

(I was sitting in a bank when I started writing this. I had to stop because I was starting to cry and I ugly cry.)

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