Memory Lane: Concert Edition

I’m all about preserving my childhood memories and I just found a great way to remember my concert days! is a website where you can like and follow your favorite artists, but that’s not the cool part. You can search for past Tour dates of your idols and connect them to your profile. It makes a comprehensive timeline of your concert experiences. Not only could I see that the artist I’ve seen the most is The Backstreet Boys (I didn’t need a site to tell me that!) but I could see the dates and locations of all their concerts.

I even discovered that somehow I missed an *NSYNC concert that took place in Grand Rapids in 2002.. the only possible explanation for this appalling revelation is that my friends couldn’t attend and I didn’t want to go alone. 16-year-old Ren wasn’t ready to concert alone.. good thing I grew out of that.  You can help them archive concerts! If you know of a concert that is missing from a groups history (I.e. Britney Spears with 98 degrees at the Allegan County Fair in 1999) you can report a missing concert and once they review your report it can be added!

I’ve discovered so much with this site and it’s cool to see how my memory of a concert venue or city was different and that I’ve seen some acts more than I actually thought.

Has anyone else used this site before? Did you have any cool discoveries? Let me know!

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