Making memories

When I was a kid there was a mall in downtown Muskegon. I wasn’t a huge mall rat growing up but our mall had a lot of cool things in it.  Little Professor Bookstore; where I was a member of the Goosebumps and American Girls clubs, an ice cream parlor and an arcade where the cool high school kids hung out.  Then at Christmastime there was an animatronic moose sitting in a gift bag that would talk to you. It sounds creepy but I promise it wasn’t.

The mall closed down in 2001, and the downtown landscape has changed since then. While wandering around I came across a building previously attached to the now extinct mall. Soon it will be apartments and condos; I don’t remember what it was back in the day.  It still had the mall logo on the window and it made me smile. Brought back so many childhood memories of other Muskegon places and events that don’t exist anymore. I decided that I wanted a memento from the Muskegon mall so I took a picture of the logo and made a few changes to it.

I’ve been teaching myself how to use adobe illustrator and I’ve discovered a love for minimal art.  After tinkering with the label and printing it through Printful I now have a one of a kind reminder of one of my childhood hang outs.

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