I married my high school sweetheart

“I’m never going to end up with someone I went to high school with”.

I distinctly remember saying that at 16, on more than one occasion.  I went to a small private school and I had big dreams of attending the University of Michigan, living in NYC and traveling the world.  There was not going to be time for a small town guy from West Michigan in any of that.  I didn’t really date a lot in high school, probably because as a black girl in a predominately white school I was never really sure who “liked black girls”.  I had plenty of friends, some of which were guys that I assumed just saw me as a friend, which was fine.  There were a few times where I liked a guy and it was known; and as the kids say now we were “talking”.  Except this is back in the early 2000s so that meant that we were actually only talking; via AIM, passing notes on graphing calculators, and phone calls before 9pm on a landline (after 9pm on your cell because your minutes were free).  I can count on one hand (give or take a few fingers) the guys that I actually had a crush on in school, I was more focused on my dreams and goals than boys, until the end of my junior year.

I liked two guys the spring of 2003, one I was friends with for a while and the other I only had a few classes with.  Since I liked both I decided to let the universe figure it out for me.  I told one guy if he wanted to hang out that summer to give me a call; I knew him pretty well so saying that was easy.  I had crazy anxiety about the other guy because I didn’t really know anything about him, but we had some mutual friends.  I wrote him the old school “I like you note” and left it in his locker.  I knew which one was his because as a cheerleader I had a list of locker numbers for the basketball team for decoration purposes.  The one that called is the one I ended up with, we went on dates all summer and unveiled our relationship at school the following year.

Fast forward 14 years later, we are married with a house and a fur baby.  I still accomplished all the goals that I set, even with my Mid West boyfriend.  He wasn’t a hindrance like I thought he would be, he added so much to my life and my experiences. He’s been my partner in crime for 14 years and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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