Here goes…


According to my co-workers I have amazing stories.  Since I’m the boss I assume they are lying or just making fun…but either way…someone has told me that I have great stories.  Apparently my experiences are so interesting that I should inflict them upon unsuspecting internet strangers.

Here’s what you can expect:  reviews on entertainment or products, travel experiences and tips, lists of my favorite things, and other random things that I think are cool or interesting.  I’ll try to give you great content and decent photos (no promise on the photos…I’m not the best with my iPhone and DSLRs are intimidating).  If there is anything you want to know, feel free to ask.  Something you would like me to write about?  I’m down for it!

So here we go.  With an iPhone full of wikipedia knowledge, some world traveling under my belt, and a love for all things throwback, I will share a bit of myself with you.  I’m Ren. Nice to meet you.


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