DIY: Poison Ivy

It’s that time of year! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I try to show my Spooky Spirit with a homemade costume! Getting a good deal on costume supplies means a lot of internet research. Luckily I’ve been using the same site for a few years to find my goods.

If you aren’t familiar with AliExpress you should definitely have a look, they have a wide selection of items from makeup and jewelry to clothing and electronics. Everything is coming from manufacturers in China so you need to take a look at you calendar when ordering for an event. I placed my order for my supplies late August so that I would have it by the end of September and could start planning my costume. So yes that means that by the end of summer I’ve picked out my costume… I told you this is my favorite holiday!

Despite that fact that I was going to cover the corset in leaves I still try to purchase it in the color to help visualize everything. I lucked out with the ivy leaves at my local Salvation Army. Leaves are pretty pricey at Hobby Lobby or even Dollar Tree; I paid $3 for an old plastic plant that had enough leaves for my top, bottom, and shoes! Way more than I expected to get out of it!

Next came about a hour and a half of glue gun work. I wanted my top to look as symmetrical as possible so I stared with the middle and worked my way around. I added some stick-on velcro to the leaves covering the corset snaps so that the sides would stay down once I was wearing the costume.Finished corset top! Not too shabby if I do say so myself! Unfortunately I didn’t snap any in-progress pics of the bottoms but here they are completed. They took another hour because I tried to glue leaves while they were lying flat on my desk. I completed about 1/5 before I decided to grab a form and glue while they were filled out. So much easier!

I didn’t want to show too much skin so I followed another blog tutorial for dying hosiery with kool-aid. I was skeptical but they turned out great with the perfect shade of green! Click here to see Jordan’s instructions for the perfect pair of tights!

Part 2 of this DIY is coming featuring hair and make-up. Stay tuned!

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