DIY: Poison Ivy Wig and Make Up

Now this wig…. it’s crazy long and not very thick so I decided to go to a beauty supply store to purchase a few extra tracks to add in. I decided to find hair that was either darker or lighter than the wig color to jazz it up a bit.

I wanted to style the wig in a modern way but that was harder than anticipated so I went a sort of halo with ivy leaves. I didn’t have a mani head to put the wig on so I had to hold the wig between my legs while styling… LOL This is my first time with wig work for a costume so I know better for next time.

For my face I wanted something pretty so I spent some time searching on YouTube. I came across a video from Charisma Star that was the look I was going for. I did my best to follow her instructions.. but I’m not the best with make-up. I have a lot of the same products so I should’ve been able to get as close as possible. I wasn’t a fan of the end result so I’m going to go for something more glamorous.

Check back next week for the final results!

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